LUC. design’s own brand of product is now available

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Based in the pristine, wild and inspiringly beautiful island of Tasmania. We are planning a range of homewares, art and objects with our unique LUC. design aesthetic.

We draw inspiration from the history and rugged beauty of the island and will utilise the talents of Tasmanian artists, designers and makers.

Our philosophy is built into every piece we make. Buy once, buy well. We want our product to be used everyday and enjoyed for a lifetime.

Our first project will be under the brand name

L U C A S A 

A range of beautiful napkins, printed onto washed French linen, highlighting the clean, pure, fresh seafood + produce of the island.

Together with the napkins will be a set of matching recipe cards with recipe ideas from some of Tasmania’s leading chefs and restaurants

To be launched in the latter half of 2018