November at LUC.

Hello. Well with only a matter of weeks now until Christmas things are hotting up at LUC. Bring it on!
(I have let you know before though that Christmas for me starts in don't expect to see Christmas decorations or yuletide celebrations from me until then!)
November sees the arrival of quite a few new suppliers and a return of some long-awaited popular product.

First to arrive - are these incredible oversized cotton wraps/scarfs  - a collaboration between artist Lucas Grogan (known for his intricate blue and white illustrations and murals) and the great concept scarf store in Sydney Skarfe. These lightweight wraps can double as a sarong or a scarf  - witty, beautiful and practical (tell me that's not what LUC. is all about!!?)

Next to arrive will be the great little bracelets from Danish brand the Rubz. I first saw these when I was overseas earlier this year. They are classic looking but with a bit of an edge - made of silicone (and plated metal) they are comfortable but fun to wear. A great colour range is available but this first drop will be all the classics black/silver, black/gold, white and tan. (Get ready for some neon brights during summer!) They are well priced retailing for only $59.95 and come boxed. Christmas present?...oh I think definitely!

November sees the arrival of a new supplier Art Hide  this innovative leather company supplies great hide rugs, furniture and accessories. LUC. will receive the first shipment in the next week of these perfect cow hide ottomans.

Early next year will see the arrival of their designer rugs and accessories. Very exciting new addition to LUC.

One of the best sellers at LUC. is the Danish brand byNord - and November sees the arrival of their new range of monochrome homewares. Tea towels and napkins and there's also some very pretty Christmas decorations to come too! It's a brand that never disappoints and these new additions are perfect timing for Christmas presents.

Also dropping in November is the Mahana collection from your favourite Jai Vasicek. Crosses with shells, graphic illustrations on towels and more of his signature tiles and crosses with bold new colours.

I will keep updating you with more exciting new product as it arrives. But I think it may be time to start thinking of Christmas present ideas - so a good time to come and do a 'look-see' at what is available! See you in store soon.