byLassen at LUC.

One of the most popular brands in store at LUC. is byLassen This Danish brand produces classic design pieces and their Kubus range of bowls and candlestick holders have become a consistently good seller at LUC. This year (launching in the European Spring) they are releasing some new designs (which were originally designed by Mogens Lassen over 60 years ago). Two pieces that really capture me are the Saxe folding chair superbly combining function with a high-quality aesthetic. It's difficult to believe this folding chair was originally designed in 1955 - but the attention to detail in this piece is just beyond!

byLassen Saxe chair  (black stained oak/black leather) (Delivery Spring 2015)
byLassen Saxe chair (Dark oiled oak/brown leather) (Delivery Spring 2015)
byLassen Sax chair (detail) (natural oak/natural leather)
The other new design for delivery in Spring is the Stropp - leather peg/holder. Innovative and simple combining quality leather with the design detail of metal the options for the Stropp come in black metal/black leather, black leather/brass, brown leather/brass or natural leather with copper. At a price point under $AUD50 these are going to be a great seller for sure.

byLassen Stropp peg (delivery Spring 2015)
byLassen Stropp peg (delivery Spring 2015)

So both these new designs should be available at LUC. in the next couple of months, but as always, if you are wanting to pre-order just let me know and I can make sure you order is included in the first delivery.