Lighting at LUC.

In a small store it's hard to showcase the product well, so when I choose brands I have to make sure that they will work in a limited space and lighting has always been tricky for me to do. I proudly sell the beautiful Ay Illuminate pendant shade (after all my ceilings are 3.5mt so height isn't an issue!) and one of my best sellers is the exquisite little Lee Broom brass table lamp. So I'm excited to let you know that I will be bringing the classic French brand La Lampe Gras to LUC. (Please note: due into the store late next month. I am letting you know now as I can add to the order if there is a design that you have always wanted!).

First designed in 1921 and championed by some of the greatest architects (Mies van der Rohe, Eileen Gray and Le Corbusier ) these simple articulated lights use no welded joints or screws in the basic form. Practical, durable, form and function it's a really appealing range of lighting.

...and just to let you know I have new stock arriving this week of the Lee Broom light mentioned earlier. This little light is a classic and looks good both as a bedside lamp or just sitting on a book shelf. (and in both a modern or more classical setting!) The light reflected from the hand-cut crystal is ridiculously pretty. You need will need a La Lampe Gras light as well...!!