LUC. does Sydney

Trade fair weekend...I have to admit, to put it mildy, it doesn't rock my world anymore. Alot of, seriously...alot...and plenty of time on buses between 3 venues. It sure ain't glamorous but there is plenty to take in and occasionally some real gems (no, make that total diamonds!) that can be game changers for your store!
I have some lovely product on order and some new suppliers that are going to work so well in store. The new product from Tom Dixon (in store mid year) is really quite special. Incredible glass and copper vases, glass door knobs (or coat hooks...your choice) and the etch candle holder comes in black (very sexy)

Also from Tom Dixon (arriving into LUC. soon) will be the iconic Spin Candelabra. This huge piece is made from cast iron, the arms move independently so you can form different shapes. Both candles and tea lights fit perfectly into the candelabra - this is such a beautiful statement piece.

Also launched at this Gift Fair from Stelton is a new range from Sweden's Prince Carl Philip and Oscar Kylberg (Bernadotte&Kylberg). This new 'Stockholm' collection features beautiful cobalt blue and silver pieces. They are classic Scandinavian in their simple and elegant design and I will look so beautiful with the other Stelton design pieces in store. (and as a side note:- how handsome is the Prince?!!)

Also over the coming months I will be introducing some new brands for LUC. some Danish furniture, some fashion and some fashion accessories. More news on that later. But in the meantime expect new colours & designs in Missoni towels, Dinosaur Designs and  Uashmama bags all arriving soon.

It may be an exhausting time for me but I know you will really like what's coming. More room, more room I need more room!!!