March update at LUC.

It's the middle of did that happen!? Time for an update of what's new and what's coming up at LUC. Just arrived in store are the beautifully crafted baskets and 'Nest' stools from Danish Brand Cane-line. These over-sized cane pieces bring a nice bit of texture to a room. The stool is sturdy and has an almost sculptural effect to it - perfect as an ottoman/footstool or place a tray on top for a stunning side table.

The "Nest" does come in a bigger (huge!) size with a diameter over 1.2 metres - this would look incredible in the right setting - absolutely tough and robust enough to sit and lounge on. Happy to order one for you!! Also in this collection of indoor cane-ware is the 'Sweep' basket in 2 designs. Bigger than your average basket these would look great next to a fireplace or storing the kids' toys etc.

I had a quick trip to Melbourne this week to secure a few more brands for the store - some I can announce now...and the others I will just have to tease you and tell you will be coming soon (but trust me they're great!). First new brand is

Design House Stockholm

 - this brand creates simple, classic Scandinavian pieces which not only look good but all function well - pretty important criteria to me! I have started the collection with the iconic Tablo tray & tray table this metal tray fits neatly into the timber stand and comes in two sizes and three colours (red, black & white) (with timber/black or white legs). I have always loved this table so am really delighted to become a stockist!

Also coming from Design House will be the block light. Yet another iconic Scandinavian design - designed by Harri Koskinen in the mid 90's this lamp is featured often in blogs and design magazines. A great addition to a book shelf or even on the floor for subtle up-lighting.

I have ordered a couple of their step ladders too - which double as a chair/seat. Very cool and very practical for small spaces. I have seen it used as a bedside table with a clamp-light attached which is such a great idea. Watch out for the Oak version coming later this year. (exceptionally well-made & detailed - you'll love it!)

LUC. is also becoming a stockist for the Spanish Brand


. These ingenious flat-pack shelving units come in 2 sizes but can be configured in endless ways. Simple white boxes with a laminated edge (great detailing) they are strong, versatile and will work in many settings (think shelving, bedside tables, kids rooms, storage in the spare room...I could go on!!). These will be in stock in late March.

OK, and finally I couldn't resist these photo-image cushions. I saw them at the recent gift fairs and once I felt them (you'll understand what I mean when you see them in store!) the soft velvet-touch of them is just gorgeous and they really do look like timber or wicker in real life. They are just fun!!

As you can imagine there is a fair bit to fit in to the store in the next couple of weeks and add to that the great furniture from Hay that is on it's way I am hoping I will be able to fit myself in through the door!!

Come and visit soon, if you don't see me just check under one of the Icelandic sheepskins...I'll be there somewhere... Lucy x