April at LUC.

Well, that was Easter - I hope you all had a relaxing family time. I took an indulgent 4 days off and closed the store, but now feel suitably invigorated and excited about the next few months. (which is good because there are some pretty big changes coming up...must be the 'blood moon' or something! OK, should have prefaced that with "teaser alert"!)

This week will see a few deliveries including Design House product, and I will have a couple of the fantastic pure wool, knitted bean bags from Zilalila back in stock too. The new designs from byLassen should be on their way soon and I will expect these by the end of the month too. I am really looking forward to seeing their new 'Stropp' leather handle/hook. Retailing for approx. $45 these are such a nice, stream-lined alternative to other products on the market at the moment. In store by end April.



Also arriving this week is a nice big re-stock of the popular brand Marble Basics - as the name suggests this practical, beautiful homewares range includes cheese boards, plates, flower pots and pinch pots...but there's so much more too. Come in and check out the stylish accessories for yourself.

OK - the following isn't "April at LUC." but a couple of months away. With a little more quiet 'down' time over Easter I have been able to source some really interesting and unique product out of Europe. I will let you know a little more in my next post as we are just sorting out shipping details (it may be just too expensive - but, hey, if I can import bloody great big woollen bean bags these items may be a little easier!) But, trust me, these are amazing finds and include  the most beautiful hand-embroidered throws and cushions from France.  I have also placed a winter order (due hopefully in July) for a range of scarves from London textile designers Wallace#Sewell  I'm really looking forward to carrying these beautifully made, colourful scarves woven from wool, silk and mohair. They are extremely good quality and have very much a 'Missoni' look about them. They will be perfect to brighten those dark winter days ahead of us! (Due in store late June early July)