Brodie Neill for Microsoft Ad

We represent designers and their products because we are exceptionally drawn to their work - not because they are the 'flavour of the month' or because their product is 'on trend'.

One of these exceptional designers is Brodie Neill - we are huge fans of his work and Made in Ratio's (Brodie's company) Cowrie chair is one of my most favourite pieces of furniture.  (...ever...fullstop)

Well, when we heard that Brodie had been chose by Microsoft to feature as the 'face' of one of their new products we could not have been happier. To be recognised by one of the world's leading technology companies in your own field of excellence is massive. I imagine his profile will now sky rocket and my advice would be to invest in one of Brodie's pieces quickly! 

(You know that Australian designer Marc Newson's earlier limited edition pieces can sell at auction for over $3 million...ok, this may be a flattering comparison - but just saying...!!!)